Olean Food Pantry Inc. maintains their own garden on site. This allows for us to provide those seeking help fresh produce to use in their meals.

This makes it easy to provide healthy meals to maintain the mind, body and soul of those we serve and best of all it is grown right at the pantry!




This year, we have harvested over 1,000 pounds of vegetables.

Thank you to all who have worked hard to grow our garden. The Olean Food Pantry's garden project goal for 2017 would be to raise enough money to purchase and fill 2 raised garden beds. These beds would provide a garden space Ideal for gardeners with back pain or limited mobility. Gardening is a fun and rewarding activity that we would like to share with as many of our friends as possible. Eliminating bending and straining allows us to be more inclusive to those with physical limitations such as seniors and those in wheelchairs. This project will give us the ability to share our love of gardening throughout our community and hopefully lead to our gardens expansion. Join with us and spread the joys of gardening to everyone by donating today! CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW