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Thank You For Your Donation to the Olean Food Pantry

Thank You!

Thank you for considering a generous donation to the Olean Food Pantry. Your support is the cornerstone of our mission to combat food insecurity in our communities, and we are immensely grateful for your commitment to making a positive impact.

Did You Know? Olean Food Pantry Has Seen a 95.4% Increase In Need The Last 3 Years  

That’s right. Since 2020, the numbers of individuals and families coming to our local food pantry for assistance has ALMOST DOUBLED. The reasons for this are varied. For one, our impoverished region – the northernmost tip of Appalachia – is especially vulnerable to economic downturns and inflation. As our populations and job opportunities have steadily dwindled in recent decades, so too have the means for thousands of people to support themselves. Even those with multiple jobs have difficulty making ends meet. They often must make difficult decisions between paying bills and affording groceries. 

Donate via Paypal

With a few quick clicks of your computer mouse or taps on your tablet or smartphone, you make a donation to Olean Food Pantry through PayPal.


Your contribution plays a vital role in our ability to serve those in need and create a meaningful difference in their lives. It’s important to highlight the incredible impact of financial donations on our operations. Financial contributions provide us with the flexibility to purchase a diverse range of food items based on specific needs of our community. We know our friends, family and neighbors.

Financial Donations Allow Us To Purchase 66% More Food

Your cash donation enables us to acquire 66% more food than we could through food donations alone, amplifying the scope of our impact. By being less dependent on external sources, we can strategically allocate resources, address urgent needs, and ensure that our assistance aligns with the evolving challenges faced by those we serve. 

Once again, thank you for your generosity and commitment to creating a hunger-free community with the Olean Food Pantry.

Donate In Person

Simply drop off money and check donations at the Olean Food Pantry during our regular business hours.
Olean Food Pantry
8 Leo Moss Drive
Olean, NY 14760

Make A Donation Today

Your cash donation to the Olean Food Pantry allows us to purchase MORE food. Join the local fight against hunger!