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Olean Food Pantry Fundraising Campaign 2024-25

Widespread hunger can only be tackled community by community. Let’s begin with THIS community.

Learn more about Olean Food Pantry’s $1 Million Fundraising Campaign here!


🌟 Join Our Team to End Hunger in Western New York! 🌟

Over the next year, we’ll be raising awareness within our communities – and much-needed funding from a variety of sources. 

Remember: Cash Donations Help Us Buy 66% MORE Food for People in Need

Serving record numbers of Western New York community members experiencing food insecurity isn’t SOLVING the problem. In response to the staggering 95.4% increase in food pantry usage the last three years, our mission is clear: to stock our shelves for the next 10 years while addressing the root causes of local hunger.

Olean Food Pantry Fundraising Campaign 2024-25

📥 Your Invitation to Make a Difference

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Delve into the details of our $1 Million Fundraising Campaign. Learn about our history, our current programs, and our strategic vision to crush hunger at its source. 

You’ll stay informed on the campaign’s progress, receive updates on exciting new programs and initiatives, and have a voice in shaping the future direction of this campaign. Together, let’s create a community where no one goes to bed hungry, and where resilience and vibrancy define our shared future.


💡 Why $1 Million? Understanding the Vision

The urgency is evident — our neighbors are facing hunger at unprecedented rates. We believe in not just providing immediate relief, but creating lasting solutions. By securing our food stores FOR THE NEXT DECADE, Olean Food Pantry will be free to:

  • Nurture community partnerships
  • Provide community education
  • Build new programs
  • Advocate for systemic change

💰The Fundraising Breakdown

The $1 million fundraising goal is easier to follow as a sum of its parts:

  • $450,000 in major gifts
  • $450,000 in matching grant funds
  • $100,000 in community contributions

This strategic approach empowers us to maximize the impact of every dollar, ensuring a decade of sustainable support for those in need.